Let's be honest. There is certainly an impression cottage life is all about sitting dock side and doing nothing. The reality? Cutting the grass, staining the deck, working on chores.Sure, being away from the hustle and bustle makes it more manageable - but at the end of the day, a cottage is just like a home - it requires maintenance. 

So, if you're accustomed to soaking in a hot tub after a long day of work, would the same principle not apply at the cottage? We think so! Which is why we had to share these DIY ideas. 

If you are ambitious and handy (or perhaps have handy friends who want to spend time at a cottage!), building your own hot tub is apparently very doable. From the basic model, where you build a hole in the ground, to the more popular Rocket Stove Fire Bath, to the "built in a day" water trough model, to this stunning gem from the UK's Build-A-Tub team. 

Cottage Life

Canada's popular Cottage Life Magazine has devoted an entire spread to DIY Hot Tub. If you're looking for inspiration and design ideas, we strong suggest taking a peek at their ideas

The "Go All Out" Amphibious Hot Tub

For our hard core followers who think all the above options are just too easy, we present the Amphibious Hot Tub. While you certainly have to have skills to pull this one off, the video goes to show it can be done! 


DIY Hot Tub Ideas