Fall. It’s the season most Canadian’s love. The hot, humid day of summer are long gone, replaced with “sweater weather”. Cool breezes, beautiful blue skies and trees in all their glory.

All of these seasonal elements make relaxing in the hot tub an even more enjoyable hobby. If you’ve been raking leaves, the hot, bubbling water will soothe your aching back. If you’ve been out hiking the trails, your tired feet will welcome the break. If you’ve had a long day at work, lounging back and looking at the night sky will soothe your soul… and help you better sleep! 

So, if you want your hot tub to work at its optimal performance this fall, and throughout the winter, then the cooler weather also provides a reprieve for those pesky hot tub chores. 

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Fall Hot Tub Cover & Cabinet Checks

1. Cabinet Wear & Tear

While most modern day hot tubs have long-lasting exteriors, there are many cedar or wooden-sided models still in operating. If you did not perform a cabinet clean and refinish in the spring or summer months, then fall is the perfect time for a wash, sanding, stain and seal.

2. Animal Access Points

Rodent and other critters will soon be seeking out toasty, warm spaces to hunker down for the winter. And yes, this means your hot tub cabinet and/or access panel is an excellent choice. 

Carefully examine your hot tub cabinet, access panel, pipe points and where the tub sits against the ground. Any hole later than ¼” should be sealed up. Steel wool is an excellent choice for stuffing these minute cracks and holes; but when in doubt, contact your local Pool & Spa store for advice. 

If you have a non-spill proof bird feeder near your hot tub, consider moving it farther away. Mice love bird food and pet food, and will seek a warm spot close to the food source.

Another deterrent that can be used is peppermint essential oil. While a refreshing and pleasing scent to most humans, mice are repulse. A popular trick is to soak cotton balls and place around the ground edge of the hot tub.

3. Hot Tub Cover Inspection

Take the time to perform a visual inspection of your hot tub cover. Vinyl does deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to harsh seasonal elements like sun, snow and rain. 

If you notice cracked or torn sections, you may be able to use a vinyl patch kit to extend the life of your cover. If the vinyl is extremely brittle, dry or cracked, it is possible the cover is beyond repair.

Is your hot tub cover unnecessarily heavy? Does your hot tub cover have a terrible mold or mildew odour? It is possible your foam core is rotting.

A well-sealed foam core is essential for heat retention. If your hot tub cover is heavy, the foam core may be absorbing water. More often than not, covers with excessive vinyl damage (larger cracks or deep tears) lead to foam core deterioration.

Not sure if your cover can make it through the winter? Consider reaching out to Spa Covers Canada. Our team can take a look at your supplied pictures and provide guidance.